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1.1 - 13.6 / 16.8 - 31.12

14.6 - 15.8

24.10 - 1.3
Adults82 kr.86 kr.82 kr.
Children 1-14 years (Children 0-1 years are free)51 kr.55 kr.51 kr.
Site fee including environment fee50 kr.75 kr.50 kr.
Site fee incl. env. small tent30 kr.60 kr.30 kr.
Electricity per day40 kr.40 kr.Settled by meter
Dog15 kr.15 kr.15 kr.
Day visitors20 kr.20 kr.20 kr.
Day visitors incl. pool50 kr.50 kr. 

Electricity, Wi-Fi and swimmingpool included

Prices are subject to VAT and tax increases. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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