Tourists and Cabin Rentals


Price list 2021

Prices per night in Dkk.


  1.4-13.6/16.8-31.1214.6 – 15.823.10 – 1.3
Adultskr. 82kr. 86kr. 82
Children 1- 14 years  .Up till 1 year freekr. 51kr. 55kr. 51
Site fee included environmentkr. 50kr. 75kr. 50
Site fee incl. env. small tent kr. 50kr. 60kr. 50
Electricitykr. 40kr. 40Settled by meter
Dogkr. 15kr. 15kr. 15
Day visitorskr. 20kr. 20kr. 20
Day visitors incl. poolkr. 50kr. 50

Cabin / Caravan

  1.4-13.6/16.8-24.914.6 – 15.8
4-person cabin with toilet  
Per daykr.     600kr.     750
Per weekkr. 3.800kr. 4.800
4-person cabin  
Per daykr.    400kr.    550
Per weekkr. 2.500kr. 3.500
4-person caravan  
Per daykr.     600kr.    750
Per weekkr. 3.800kr. 4.800
6-person cabin with toilet  
Per daykr.    775kr.    900
Per weekkr. 5.000kr. 6.000
Mobilhome 32 kvm.

Min. rent

4 days

Min. rent

4 days

Per daykr.     900kr. 1.100
Per weekkr. 5.800kr. 6.800
Electricity, Wi-Fi and swimmingpool included  
Please contact us for Weekend offers in low season Friday till Sunday 0045 97 74 42 49  

Prices for tourists and cabin rentals in 2021

Prices on cabin rentals are included  person fee, electricity free use of the swimming pool and Wi-Fi.

Cleaning prices: Small cabins kr. 200.00  6 -person cabin kr. 250.00 – mobile cabin kr. 300.00 are subject to VAT and tax increases.

Do you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.